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The basic service is the FREE PASS to use any of the activities and training spaces at the venue where you register. In this way, each member always has the opportunity to train within their possibilities, with the constant guidance of our trainers and instructors, regardless of the schedule or availability of time to exercise. Group classes work with a place reservation system through the gym application and access and permanence in the bodybuilding rooms is free and unlimited.


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The Always Gym Bodybuilding Room service is free and included in the membership. Members can use the equipment and facilities as long as they need within the gym's opening hours, complying with a few rules of coexistence and respect.

We offer the option of training with free weights for classic workouts, state-of-the-art machines that facilitate the exercise in form and correct postures. Elements to integrate functional exercises into your training plan and the layout of circuits for a simpler and more compact work.

Whether with your own plans or guided by our Staff, you will always have the assistance of an Always Gym professional during your training.

The Always Gym Bodybuilding room is a space for work but also a place where you can connect with people like you, with your same goals and experience, making the training session more enjoyable and entertaining.

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are available within the membership and our members can take as many classes per day or week as they like as long as vacancies are available. Class spots are reserved in advance from the convenience of an app.

All our activities have instructors who are responsible for making the training experience simple, effective and fun. With the motto "EVERY TIME AS THE FIRST TIME" you can always start a class feeling integrated, guided and with the possibility of adapting the activity to your possibilities.


It is the group fitness cardio workout where you will be totally liberated. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and draws from a wide range of disciplines such as karate, boxing, tae kwon do, tai chi and muay thai. BODYCOMBAT® is the most popular combat fitness program today. During this Ultimate Warrior workout, you'll punch, kick, and perform calorie-destroying kata toward a higher level of cardio conditioning.


It's the original LES MILLS®class of bars and plates that sculpts, tones and strengthens your body in record time! Great bodies aren't born, they're transformed using BODYPUMP®: EL REP EFFECT®An innovation in resistance training. By focusing on low-weight, high-rep movements, you'll burn fat, gain strength, and build lean muscle conditioning quickly. State-of-the-art routines and trending music are updated quarterly, so with your choice of loadouts and highly trained instructors you can get the entertainment and results you've been looking for.


It is a class where Flexibility is worked on, that is, Muscle Elongation or Stretching and Joint Mobility of the whole body, including directed Relaxation techniques at the end, in a pleasant atmosphere and calm music. The body itself or elements such as ropes, balls, sticks or the bar are used.


Although it is a trend in recent years, Functional Training exists in Always Gym from our original headquarters on Paraguay Street. With time and experience, we perfected this discipline achieving a dynamic, effective and fun class.

Varying between circuits and individual work, we use the 5 pillars of Functional Training to improve the physical condition of the participants from integrated movements that force us to use the body as a whole, increasing caloric consumption and general effort in each session.

A coach guides you through each job and exercise, offering options of greater or lesser intensity according to your experience, needs and training objectives.

HITT 30/30

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines high-effort blocks with active breaks. The objective is to carry out the physical effort to an extreme that leaves the body working with the benefits of the exercise even for hours after the session has been completed. The combination of Indoor Cycling and Functional Training allows you to start at the top due to the simplicity of working on the stationary bicycle and leaves the engine running when you go to the living room and challenge the body with the agility, dynamics and coordination that functional movements require.

Available in Headquarter Guatemala 


Localized gymnastics is the classic that never goes out of style. It is a work method that emerges as an alternative within fitness programs, it uses exercises with a localized effect, using the weight of the body and a variety of elements (dumbbells, ankle straps, elastic bands, bars, etc.) with the aim of increasing the endurance and strength in certain muscles.


Pilates mat: It is a class where Flexibility and Muscle Strength are worked through exercises that combine Stretching Techniques, Yoga, Kinesiology and Dance. It is based on 6 basic principles: Concentration, Control, Centralization, Fluidity, Precision, and Breathing.It is done by connecting the body and the mind, maintaining control from the Center (abdominal and lumbar girdle) towards the extremities. Through breathing, the deep muscles are worked and greater support of the trunk is obtained; Auxiliary elements such as dumbbells, balls, elastic bands and canes are usually incorporated.


Dance continues to be part of our lives just as it did in that of our ancestors. It is something alive that evolves with the times but is consubstantial with human nature Ritmos is a class to learn to dance in an aerobic and fun way, ideal for increasing body expression and losing weight in an entertaining way. A mix of Fitness and Dance. These 2 elements are essential and complement each other by working on cardiovascular training (without impact), coordination and memory, and Dance, which gives us style, the possibility of releasing sensations, feelings, emotions, often hidden somewhere in the body. our body, achieving ease in movement and body disinhibition.


It is the indoor cycling training where you pedal to the rhythm of the best music. Hit the road with the inspiring Team Coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, timed challenges and interspersed workouts. Discover the athlete in you, perspire and burn calories to reach a high level of endorphins. Your RPM® instructor will lead you and the peloton through a choreographed ride to inspiring music, incorporating positions and speeds tailored to the terrain.

Available in Headquarter Guatemala


Spinning is the successful and effective exercise bike program that has transformed aerobic training, created by the American cyclist Jonathan Goldberg (“Johnny G”) who was looking for a comprehensive and group exercise. It is one of the most used training methods in gyms around the world. It is considered a "non-impact" sport, that is, there is no physical risk when exercising it.

Available in Headquarter Guatemala


Yoga is the oldest and most complete system of personal development and evolution in the world: it encompasses the body, mind and spirit. It is not a religion nor is it a magic formula. It is a method of improvement and evolution of the whole man and not of a particular aspect. This modality is aimed at improving the quality of life in an integral way. Find physical, mental and spiritual harmony through physical, breathing and relaxation exercises.  

Available in Headquarter Guatemala


the planning principles of CrossFit, "Constant variation of Functional Exercises performed at High Intensity",  ZZ Cross allows you to increase your general physical condition through the training of the 10 sports skills: Respiratory and cardiovascular resistance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility; Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

A coach guides and assists you throughout the class to learn, perfect and master the execution of each movement, offering options for each level of training.

Available in Headquarter Costa Rica

Additional Services


The famous and well-known Pilates Method, created by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century, has this version of training on the so-called REFORMERS, stretchers with a sliding carriage and a system of springs that generate resistance, adaptable to increase or reduce the intensity of the exercise worked.

In small group classes or in personalized sessions, the instructor guides the participant in each part and exercises of the class, assisting him for a good execution and correct disposition of the Reformer.

(This activity is subject to fees. Values vary according to the number of sessions to hire)

Available in Headquarter Guatemala


For those who have specific goals or special needs, the Personalized Training service allows you to design a training plan that meets those expectations. Any room or class instructor can be your Personal Trainer as long as you can coordinate a time outside of their regular gym activities.

The Personalized Training service has an additional cost, agreed with your trainer and that varies according to the instructor and the number of sessions per week or month. If you need assistance to know the specialties of each instructor, you can consult the Coordinators of the area.

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